In the 19th century, the upper class had carriages in the Europe, and the equestrian sports were popular with them, so the harness became necessary. Thierry Hermes, the founder of Hermes Group, opened a store making and selling harness in Basse-du-Rempart, Madeleine. His workshop designed refined harness accessories. At that time, refined harness were seen here and there in the street in Paris. At present, Hermes has expanded its scope, from bags, scarves to fragrances, jewellery. All products in Hermes are inspired by Equestrian culture and early harness. When it comes to Hermes, people think of Hermes Kelly bag or Birkin bag first. Hermes fashion jewellery is popular with fashion icons, but it isn’t luxurious. We seldom see Hermes high jewellery on the res carpet. In fact, Hermes has luxurious and classic high jewellery designed by Pierre Hardy.

Hermes Niloticus High Jewellery
Hermes Niloticus made its debut in 2012. Three years later, Pierre Hardy, the jewelry design director of Hermes, designed the new Niloticus jewellery. Inspired by Egyptian Cleopatra, the new Niloticus continued the crocodile-skin patterns. Yellow gold scales in different shapes remind us of crocodile skin, and the baton-shaped gold sheet set with gems were inspired by Cleopatra’s accessories. The joints between scales are decorated with sheeny white diamonds.

Hermes Filet D’or Jewellery
In 2015, Pierre Hardy looked back to equestrian history and found some inspiration. Inspired by the first Filet selle bracelet, he designed Filet D’or Jewellery. He is a designer filled with novel ideas, good at using his imagination and equestrian culture to design current jewelry. Jewelry for him is a code transmitting precious expression.

Hermes Pendentif Boule Enamel Ball Pendent Watch
Inspired by a button-hole pocket watch in Hermes’s archives, Hermes Pendentif Boule Enamel Ball Pendent Watch appeared in 2016. In order to show the refined jewelry watch, Hermes was devoted to explore the filigree enamel skill. The enamel process makes the ball-shaped pendent become more delicate and complicate. The enamel ball pendent jewelry watch is hanging on the 18K white gold necklace, attractive and distinctive. Both the enamel ball surface and the sapphire crystal sphere dial are brilliant and splendid as time flies.

Hermes Galop Jewellery
Hermes jewelry has been closer connection since Pierre Hardy was appointed as the jewelry design director. A lot of Equestrain-themed jewellery have derived from the Equestrain histories. Hermes Galop jewellery shows vitality and elegant figure of a jumping horse. The designer aims to show sheer and visual steed image. The steed-shaped jewellery in white gold or rose gold is set with brilliant diamonds. Under the light and shadow, Hermes Galop jewellery shows interesting and attractive charm.