Women bracelets are selected according to their own characteristics, which in order to maximize their charm. So, how do people choose the fine bracelet for themselves? Today, I will talk to you about the unique Hermes bracelet!

Youth Fashion
At this period, the initial growth of girl is gradually ripening like a flower garden that is gradually open. In the youthful age of the girls, they bring their own natural vitality, which does not require excessive luxury, but instead hides their own light.
Recommended material: enamel bracelet

Hermes baobab cat hinged bracelet

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. It has a very fashionable and beautiful rose red color, which is a popular material for women. Rose gold bracelets are generally simple in style and very versatile. The enamel bracelet is rich in color and the shape of the bracelet is delicate, showing the vitality of youth, which is favored by young women.

Soft and delicate
After the age of 26, women gradually complete the transition from young girls to mature women. Some jewelry with outstanding texture can show the charm. And the slight femininity spreads out in the air.
Recommended materials: rose gold bracelet or silver bracelet

Hermes Farandole rose gold bracelet
Hermes Farandole sliver bracelet
Hermes Chaine D’ancre 925 sliver bracelet
Hermes Parade barcelet
Hermes Galop hermes bracelet, diamond,sliver
Hermes Confettis bracelet, rose gold and sliver

How to wear the bracelet
It is better to wear a bracelet with the left hand. Because the right hand is often used for doing things, wearing a silver bracelet will affect the efficiency of doing things, and it will also cause discomfort, so it is better to wear the left hand. Of course, it is very chic to wear bracelets on both hands. However if both bracelets are worn on the left hand, it will be more fashionable.

The benefits of wearing silver bracelets
1.It can generate magnetic field within a certain range, releasing a large amount of silver ions and stimulate energy at the same time. And it has certain benefits for human health.
2.there is a sterilization function
3.silver bracelet can help the body to absorb the toxins of the body, thus reflecting the health of the human body.
4.During the wearing process, the excess heat of the human body can be emitted to prevent various diseases.

The maintenance of silver jewelry
1.Do not wear precious metal jewelry at the same time when wearing silver jewelry to avoid collision deformation or scratching.
2.Avoid water vapor and chemicals, avoid wearing a bath and pay attention to sweat.
3.After wearing it, wipe it off with cotton cloth (especially sweating or bathing) and put it in a jewelry box or bag to seal it.