It has always been felt that in addition to private jets and express black cards, the Hermes Birkin Tote-bag is the hardest sign of wealth. How was the Hermès Birkin bag born, probably already a well-known little story, but there are various versions of the details. I will tell you today that Jane Birkin’s own version of the interview was made by herself.    In 1981, on the plane from Paris, France to London, British actor Jane Birkin was promoted by Air France and sat next to a man. Jane Birkin’s bag didn’t have an inner bag, so accidentally, everything in her bag fell out. In fact, she loved to use baskets at the time, and she made the various baskets particularly fashionable. But her husband, Jacques Doillon, had a reversing a few days before she went out, deliberately crushing the basket she used to carry. At that time, Jane Birkin took her little daughter to France Airlines to travel to London. On the plane, she accidentally spilt the bottle and diaper from the bag. At this time, the man sitting next to her said to her: “You should use a bag with an inner bag.” She replied: “If one day, Hermes produces a bag with a bag inside, I will definitely buy it.” She said: “I am a Hermès person, I will add a pocket to you in the bag.” This man was the CEO of Hermes, Jean-Louis Dumas, now the father of creative director of Hermes The current CEO’s uncle.

Dumas drew a sketch on the paper vomiting bag that had distributed on the plane: “Why don’t you make a handbag that is bigger than the Hermès KELLY bag, but smaller than my husband’s male suitcase?”1984 In the year, Dumas produced the world’s first black leather version of the Birkin bag. However, it is not a casual nurse who brings a baby to the plane. There will be such an adventure. In addition to the beauty, Jane Birkin has a life attitude and experience that is difficult for ordinary people to reach. “I want to make money to buy a Birkin  Hermès bag.” This dream is too weak, “I want Hermes to design a handbag for me” is actually shocking. Jane Birkin is a style icon that has a profound influence on the popular culture of Paris in the 1960s and 1970s. She wears a simple white shirt, wide-leg jeans, and the image of a brown, bang-like, messy long hair that is still imitated by generations. She said: “This is the real me: casual wear plus jeans, fluffy hair, barefoot walking on the street.” After the Hermès Birkin handbag went on the market, Hermès gave her one and gave her a 10% discount for life.