Hermes bags are the most famous and familiar are Birkin platinum bags and Kelly bags that are not only expensive, but also super hard to buy.

This 18k white gold-encrusted “Himalayan Diamond Platinum Bag” sold for $2.566 million at Christie’s in 2017, making it a big buy for a hedged investment.

Why is it expensive? Hermes bags are the world’s best leather Hermes first pick, out of the highest batch of 1000 small cowhide, divided into five grades of the highest grade of 10, Hermes all asked for other brands up to $500, Hermes is out to $1000 if the supplier, you will sell to whom.

The best artisans in the world are also skilled in Hermes’ craft, error-free, all handcrafted, time-consuming.

Why it’s hard to buy, on the one hand, it’s really low-yielding and scarce, and on the other hand, Hermes super values brand recognition and loyalty.

❥Besides, you can choose the Constance bag.

Constance 14:14x10x3cm
Constance 18:18x15x4cm
Constance 23:23x17x5cm

Its popularity is second only to Birkin and Kelly bags when they first appeared in 1959, so it took 14 hours for the designer to name the one-shoulder bag after his own child, named the buckle design of the brand’s logo big H although the simple styling of each bag requires a pure artisan. Using nearly 50 pieces of calf skin and 6 pieces of metal to complete.

❥(^_-)Herbag——Hermes’s most college bags

Herbag TPM:19×21.5x7cm
Herbag PM:31x25x10cm
Herbag MM:39x31x15cm
Herbag GM:52x36x20c

There are two kinds of Herbag, one is a backpack, has been discontinued, one is a one-shoulder backpack, year-round in the state of being snapped up is generally the material of cowhide and canvas, bright color, a very high face has a handle with shoulder strap, very practical.

❥(^_-)Passe Guide——Hermes’s most vintage bags


Inspired by ancient Roman chariots, Passe Guide uses top-of-the-line lambskin or Box calfskin with a metal buckle design, delicate and delicate, which is said to be more time-consuming and laborious than Birkin and Kelly bags.