As we all know, if we want to have an Hermes bag, which is essential when the distribution, then in the end, Hermes distribution should be how to choose, buy those are the most worthy of it? Today I will give you a list.

❀Silk scarf class

How powerful the Hermes silk scarf believe everyone knows, mainly divided into long strip Twilly and square scarf, how much color certainly do not need me to say more, anyway, whether you want the color pattern basiccan you.

A well-known usage is used as a bag handle decoration, such as in the black bag with a bright-colored silk scarf, can be said to be the finishing touch. In fact, not only for the handle decoration, casually hit a bow goodbye on the side of the handle is also super wonderful.

Even if not special lying, casually tied to the bag can also add a lot of spirit to the bag, but also can well break the dark dull feeling.

In addition, the conventional scarf usage can also become the finishing touch in the whole body look, especially suitable for wearing V-neck clothes  , but children wear that super simple pure white tee plus jeans also like to use a bright Hermes scarves to brighten the overall dress up.

There is also a relatively high difficulty factor of the use, that is, as a tiara, whether it is tied to a ponytail or pill head, as long as you know, is really the effect of super.

❀Accessories – Fun

To speak of The Net Red in the Hermes jewelry category, this pony named Rodeo is definitely the first one, its status is simply comparable to the BKC in the bag Ah! The official website will not hang out for sale, many brick-and-mortar stores inside it is also a perennial will be out of stock hanging on a Hermes bag is its common way to open , it’s really easy to make a young Birkin and Kelly.If you tie Rodeo and Twilly to the bag at the same time, the result is double-looking.

In addition to the bag has very good look jewelry, we can available jewelry items are also very much you can easily start with no pressure of beauty Oh , especially recommended is the following two bracelets, super has recognition. Light look a little heavy smell, after the hand is also a bit rock flavor, and with many other accessories, folding on the hand more stunning effect.

Besides the more rock-flavored accessories above, Hermes also has a number of relatively simet gold and silver jewelry with a modern style.

Basically they are very easy to match , we can buy them without pressure.