Picotin Lock, a unique presence in Hermes, listed in 2002, is a simple-looking, but very quality bag, it is lightweight, wear-resistant and waterproof, close to the design of life, really just do the “practical” word.

In addition to the iconic orange, it has many colors. And, its immaculate color features, can be lined with any of your favorite hanging pendants. It’s also a good idea to tie a silk scarf to your bag.Unlike Hermes’ other series of bag shapes, Picotin Lock features a generous barrel-shaped, small lock that does just the right thing.

This bag is made of D engraved imprinting and Epsom leather,which is also a more popular material, one of this leather is full of durable, and soft and hard moderate. One of the most wonderful is its woven design, may be many years later you want to buy also can not buy this model.

Picotin Lock doesn’t have an inner bag, it can contain a lot of things. If you have obsessive compulsive disorder, you can choose to buy an inner bag that matches it and make it neat.

There are three main sizes for bags, 18cm 22cm and 26cm. In fact, the general girls use the words recommend2 or 18 can be, mini small or 18 more can reflect the style of picotin, but consider the cost-effective girls choose 2, because can be enough to put down everything you want.

Of course, the personality of the girl will also choose 26 size picotin, because it is special, that bag can also be used for two or three day outings travel bags to use. Picotin is as big as Brikin and Kelly, and the man is perfectly manageable.

Since its listing in 2002, its charm has begun to bloom quietly, albeit slowly, but there is a sense of quiet leisure. Maybe it doesn’t give you the perfect impression at first sight, but when you put your eyes on it again, when you take it in your arms, you can’t expect to put down the simple exterior of this bag must have an absolutely complex inside (that is, the production process!) Each Picotin requires a pin-up production by artisans, which may take N day and night, but the little-titable details are the cornerstone solely of a unique handbag.