Hermès Enchaînements libres ads

Imagine that the contradiction between freedom and chain can be combined? Designer Pierre Hardy thinks very simply and basic about this problem: everyone has a chain in their lives, so everyone can understand it. Hardy pays attention to the chain itself and restores its original appearance as much as possible. This “chain freedom theory” is the essence of the Hermes Enchaînements Libres jewelry series.

Traditional chains are always interlocking, and Adage Hermès brings a new twist to the traditional model by interlacing circles and rectangles. The combination of different shapes transforms the jewel into a geometric sculpture, full of contrast and asymmetrical visual impact. Finely cut diamonds with a rose gold chain, although it looks simple, if you look closely, you will find many invisible hinges hidden between the chains, you can DIY it flexibly and freely, remarkably thoughtful and excellent!

The Hermès Grand Jeté jewelry has created a playful creative whirlwind in the Hermes Enchaînements Libres collection. With the complex and colorful combination of rose gold, diamonds, pink opal, black jade, pearls, orange sapphires, and topaz, wearing such jewelry requires you to have enough courage and unscrupulous heart. The bold mix between the gems is clearly not suitable for everyone, but this is what makes Hermès Grand Jeté really special and chic!

What does the chain look like when it is attached to the body without losing changeful feeling? Hermès Petit Jeté gives you the answer. In this series, the chain is no longer regularly arranged or interlocked, and “breaking the repetition of the chain” is the core of the Hermès Petit Jeté pursuit. These flowing chains are life-giving through the accents of pincushion, pear-shaped and oval-cut diamonds.

When you see this set of jewels, we don’t know if you have flashed such a picture in your mind: the knight is wearing chain armor and galloping. The Hermès Voltige collection features a “ribbon” shape with many white diamonds and a classic H-shape. This time, the combination of the gold chain and the diamond gives a surprisingly soft quality.

Don’t “have a burden” when you see the Hermes Fusion series. 18k rose gold brings a sense of structure to the jewels, and the use of titanium brings a unique and light shape to the spectacular shape.

If you want a jewelry piece that fits every outfit, don’t miss the Chaine d’ancre zoom collection. This collection of jewels is like Hermes putting a treasure in front of you in a crystal tray surrounded by diamonds and rose gold. What you need is only a chain, put it on, from the conference room to the bar.