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Hermes jewelry are so exclusive, the average working class person wouldn’t be able to afford them. To make them accessible to the public, some of these knock-offs are made with 925 silver, with diamond encrusted versions optional, for those with higher budgets. Most bracelets have the iconic Hermes “H” logo on them, while others are more discreet.

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If you’re in the market for something that’s both distinctive and subtle, check out the Economy Hermes H700001F0 Bracelet from the clic-clac collection. It comes in multi-colors, with a rose gold base and the “H” logo inlaid at the opening of the bracelet. For a classier look, check out the H700001FP, it’s also form the Multi-color clic-clac collection so you have a variety of colors to choose from. If you need something flashier, to make a bold statement, you can’t go wrong with the Hermes Lucida Couples Clic Bracement. Its base is entirely rose gold, with the Hermes logo subtly placed. It’s literally multiple colors, so you can pair it with a neutal outfit.

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As much as everyone will like to wear the original versions of these master pieces, some of them are deliberately made out of reach for the average person – to make them even more exclusive. counters this by replicating master pieces only original designers will be able to tell apart – and you’re probably never going to meet them anyways. The level of craftmanship pays to its replicas, as well as their refund guarantee to users, is perhaps what makes them extremely popular in the best replica jewelry industry.