Have to admire the Hermes home, each bag style is very good look, color is also praise, girl heart, lady style, elegant sister Fan, it can give you. When I first saw it, I poked my heart.

This is the hermes home sales of the wallet bearn, color atmosphere and simple three-dimensional lines, plus metal buckles, feel classical and elegant.

This one has a more intimate place is that the outside of the gold buckle dimension, to a certain extent to solve the wallet containing too many things and can not buckle the problem. More simple and generous, no extra decoration, how to tie the clothes can be.

Many girls don’t like to take too much or backpack when they go out. If you’re just going to take a wallet with you and get it in your hand and you’re afraid to lose it, try this chained wallet. When you’re not far away, it’s all right to have some change card keys. This wallet is simple to reveal a high sense, very good clothes, probably turn over, full of eyes are a hundred and high-level color, soft and lovely but not too sweet, in short, is very comfortable to look at.

In addition to materials and design, the wallet also has the advantage of small, thin, unlike the general wallet, a little things are very thick, very bloated. This wallet can be common to men and women, choose the right color is good, do not feel contrary to the balance.

I feel that it is a combination of value and practicality of the delicate wallet, simple design and a variety of storage space, is designed for modern women a smart wallet, the size is also very suitable for daily carry full of textured materialplus plus the wallet on the metal buckle decoration, making this wallet looks very hard, very design sense. Business women take a very tasteful in the hands, can be for the whole person’s clothing with a lot of color added to its simple and generous shape, but also when the hand bag to use.