In Hermes Resort 2019 conference, the classic “return” to fans. They rarely appear collectively, the “classic return” of this Hermes handbag, we have waited too long.

In fact, Hermes has produced a lot of Picnic works in hand-made rattan and barenia calfskin. However, the real fascination is that only Gaultier was released Hermes Spring 2011.

After the advent of Kelly Picnic, there was a very small amount of circulation in the collection of the ashes. Unexpectedly, this time directly re-ignited the desire of Hermes fans for Kelly Picnic in the size of the mini. “OMG! Birkin, Kelly finally got a new design”. After the closer look, it turned out to be just a vest on Birkin, Kelly – Hermes new canvas cover.

The design of this cover is cool and chic. With this cover, with the tired B and K, you can instantly “transform” into a new package. Don’t worry about the bag getting dirty. By the way, there should be a Bolide Cover.

Hermes 2019 SS show, the most embarrassing to me is the outer seam of the Birkin 35. Not only because of the difficulty of the outer seam, but also the shipment is small. What’s even more fascinating is the Taupo’s sleek lines and the smooth and delicate texture of Vache Natural’s skin. It creates a natural conflict and fusion, giving people a sense of transgender sex. In layman’s terms, the thief is handsome! And, the size of this Birkin 35, so many fairies have the opportunity to control her. It’s not as “huge” as the Birkin 40 outside seam.

Birkin 35 goatskin
Most of the goatskin is used on small-sized leather goods, such as wallets, Mini Kelly II, Bolide Mini, and the largest is Kelly 25 or some SO bags. This time it is very rare to use it directly on the B35. The texture of the goatskin is very strong, the gloss is high, and it is more resistant.

The new color of the letter Kelly, the biggest change is “color stitching”. In view of the limited number of new products issued, the needs of Hermes fans cannot meet. I have selected several beautiful Hermes letters Kelly new knock-off bag on the Internet for everyone to enjoy. Of course, fans who can’t wait for new arrivals can try these knock-off bags first with great results.

Hermes Kelly red letter M knock-off bag, and the other two colors of the stitching are also red.

Hermes Kelly letter H knock-off bag use Vert Cypres dark green, and the other two colors are also green.

Hermes Kelly blue letter E knock-off bag is Blue Encre, which is the color between midnight blue and electro-optic blue. It seems that Hermes, the “overturned palette”, which is going to continue the letter Kelly color-changing game.