For the Hermes brand, a big part of my understanding comes from its bags of the family. Whether it is material selection or production process, the brand is always very strict. Maybe this is also a key factor in the continued popularity of its products. Most of Hermes jewelries are seen on the show floor. Moreover, the style of the brand is more neutral, so young men and women like it, while except me who prefer the chic or gentle style.

In fact, I really don’t like the jewelry that is more exaggerated in design style. But this colorful jewellery series of brand captured my little heart at once. The classic horseshoe buckle elements are paired with bright colors, which are trendy and versatile.

Hermes Farandole Horseshoe Buckle Gold Plated Orange Enamel Necklace

Gold-plated jewelry may have the problem that it is easy faded colors. However, Hermes has solved this problem perfectly with an exclusive process, making the wearable of its jewelry for a longer period of time.

The cute shape of the necklace is matched with gold and silver gold plating. And the pendant is decorated with colorful enamels such as orange, yellow, blue, royal blue, white, black, pink, etc. giving the necklace an radiant glow. Different colors of horseshoe buckles give the mood a change of color.

The Hermes classic logo is printed on the back of the horseshoe buckle pendant, with a small horizontal line on each side of the logo. And the origin of the pendant necklace is clearly printed on the bottom, which is also a non-negligible information to distinguish between true and false.

Hermes Farandole Horseshoe Buckle Gold Plated Enamel Necklace Lock and Chain Detail

The horseshoe buckle pendant necklace features a fine polished and push-lock closure. Due to the interlocking chain looks slim, the jewelry has a good load-bearing feel and it seems very strong.

Hermes Farandole Horseshoe Buckle Gold Plated Enamel Earrings

As the earrings can modify the face very well. So people need to choose the style of the earrings very carefully. The length of the earrings in the shape of a horseshoe buckle is just right. It can’t only modify face, which will not overly eye-catching for large size.what’s more, it is a jewel that is very suitable for everyday wear. With the push-on ear button, it ensures the safety of the earrings when they are worn and picked.

The eye-catching logo is also a testimony to the quality of brand. Together with colorful tones, the jewelry brings fresh vitality to classics. At the same time, do not forget the original heart. The combination between tradition and modern fashion elements, through the further inheritance, which will also enhance the momentum of the brand’s way forward, and let the brand go further.