Lindsay Lohan, born in New York on July 2ed, 1986, is a model, actress and singer. She was selected to pose commercials at the age of three, and she entered officially into the film field through her film The Parent Trap produced by Disney in 1998. She started to be famous and popular because of the film Mean Girls in 2004, and she won 14th MTV award for the best actress. She starred the film Herbie: Fully Loaded in 2006, and she won Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award for the most popular actress. During the years, film critics and fans expected Lindsay Lohan to be the top Hollywood actress, but her career went opposite direction. Her bad news have been exposed constantly since 2007, like drinking or taking drugs, bisexuals. It seems that Lindsay Lohan is a mean girl. Her recognizable face suits many characters in different films, and she is talented in acting. If her acting career would go well, she has been a top-line actress.

Although Lilo’s private life always makes fans worried, her films and fashion street style can’t be replaced in fans’ hearts. As a Hollywood hottest topic character, she is a fashion icon American girls like and imitate. Her fashion style always leads the trend. Although she hasn’t filmed roles for long, her wealth from her former films, her fashion brand 6216 and her shows is enough for her luxury life. She loves Hermes Birkin bags and fashion jewellery a lot, and she often is spotted with them in her daily life.

Hermes Kelly Double Tour Leather Bracelet
In this photo, she is wearing smiles with a cloak, a pair of sunglasses and a purple Kelly Double Tour leather bracelet by Hermes, looking slim, sweet and fashionable. Slim Lindsay Lohan looks beautiful and attractive. The purple Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet stands out in her overall dress-up. Kelly Double Tour leather bracelet is one of the most popular Hermes fashion jewelry. It fits both men and women, and it is the everyday bracelet. Inspired by Hermes Kelly single handle bag, the Kelly Double Tour leather bracelet features superb leather, turn-lock and careful hand-made craftsmanship.

Hermes Enamel H bracelet
Hermes Enamel H bracelet is Lindsay Lohan’s favorite, too. She often was spotted with an enamel H bracelet in orange and a white one. Orange is the most classic color, because Hermes box is the iconic orange. Hermes orange can match with clothes in any color. Lindsay Lohan is wearing a leather jacket and a beige scarf with her Hermes enamel H bracelet in white, sexy and attractive. Hermes enamel H bracelet fits both men and women, and fashion icons all have at least one.

Hermes Boucle Sellier bracelet
Hermes Boucle Sellier bracelet in large model is Lindsay Lohan’s favorite another one. Inspired by Hermes’ equestrian roots, it’s crafted with sterling silver, an iconic symbol of the house’s heritage in fine craftsmanship of harnesses and saddles. Lilo is good at matching it with her outfits in black and white.